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Featured Products


The featured product is the CradlePoint E3000 router.

CradlePoint's focus in the past few years has been 5G transmission. 5G goals are:

CradlePoint introduced the Cat 18 modem (1200M-B) which is marketed as a pathway to 5G. This modem provided higher speeds and lower latency. These solutions rely on Sub-6 transmission (frequencies below 6GHz). However, to achieve the revolutionary increase in speed, the frequencies above 6GHz must be used. The problem with frequencies above 6GHz is that they have a limited range and limited penetration capabilities. They cannot penetrate windows and walls.

In order to solve these issues, CradlePoint has introduced a method of using a CradlePoint router with an external modem/appliance, called 'Captive Modem'. The 'Captive Modem' allows the router to be physically located in a data-center or wiring closet and the modem/appliance to be located near a window or anywhere where there is good reception. For 4G transmission, the external modems are the CBA850 or the CBA550. For 5G transmission, the external appliances are all members of the W-Series of products. The W2000 appliance (indoors) and W2005 appliance (outdoors) are designed for Sub-6 transmission. The W4005 appliance is designed for outdoors millimeter wave frequencies. These products are not available in the US. The are currently being tested in Australia by Telstra.

CradlePoint has also alluded to the introduction of an MC-500 modular modem (Sub-6). This modem is similar to the current MC400 modular modem.

All of these features are available in the E3000 router. As such, the E3000 is our featured product.


The CradlePoint FirstNet solutions are currently stable. The Cat 18 Modem (1200M-B) is the FirstNet solution in that it relies on priority, pre-emption, and is able to operate on ATT's band 14.

Information on how to qualify for all carriers is available at https://www.dhs.gov/requesting-wps.

Private LTE

This is so exciting. The 1200M-B modem allows for the implementation of Private Networks. Private LTE provides for LTE service as an alternative to WiFi service in locations which are too large for WiFi reception, where the WiFi is too congested, or wherever additional security is necessary. For example, Private LTE is an excellent solution for airports, hospitals or large warehouses.

The advantage of a Private LTE Network is that there are no recurring costs, no data overages. The only cost is the cost of the infrastructure. It appears to me that the only equipment needed for this is a 'small cell' or 'micro tower'.

Private LTE is available using the CradlePoint routers with the 1200M-B modem, either embedded or an MC400 modular modem.

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