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TCI has partnered with SonicWALL to provide comprehensive firewall solutions for more than 10 years. TCI considers the SonicWALL appliances to be among the leaders in price/performance. SonicWALL appliances provide security and content filtering, allowing businesses to be confident that their workforce is productive.

SonicWALL was recently purchased by the Dell Corporation. TCI does not have a long relationship with Dell and is looking forward to providing Dell server, workstation and laptop solutions.


Guided by its vision of Dynamic Security for the Global Network, SonicWALL develops advanced intelligent network security and data protection solutions that adapt as organizations evolve and as threats evolve. Trusted by small and large enterprises worldwide, SonicWALL solutions are designed to detect and control applications and protect networks from intrusions and malware attacks through award-winning hardware, software and virtual appliance-based solutions.

SonicWall's award-winning Global Management System, which allows network administrators to centrally manage and provision thousands of security appliances across a widely distributed network, further enhances the value businesses realize from a SonicWALL solution.

Contact sales@tcisystems.com for all of your Dell/SonicWALL requirements.

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